INTRO – This May Be the Most Astonishing Boxing Story You’ll Ever Read

This may indeed be the most astonishing boxing story you’ll ever read, if for no other reason than for the sheer audacity of the promoter involved and what he was trying to get away with. But it doesn’t stop there; the incompetence of the boxing commission that was supposed to be overseeing the event was shocking, considering the circumstances, and there is yet another boxing commission that deserves very close examination and scrutiny, as events have developed that make this something relevant to the here and now.

As you read the upcoming chapters, keep in mind that there is a boxing show this promoter plans to conduct on May 26, and not only does the commission that is supposed to be “regulating” it have no intention of reviewing the promoter’s previous actions, this supposed regulatory body, at least one member of which has accepted gratuities from the promoter, which may or may not be a violation of federal law, has proclaimed, in a public statement, its pleasure at PARTNERING with the promoter, even though they are well aware of the details you are about to read.

To add insult to boxing’s injury, they are actually using the incompetence and apathy of the previous jurisdiction (where the actions in question took place) to make their argument to plausibly ignore everything that happened (the old “well, he hasn’t been disciplined by them” excuse). And as if this wasn’t enough, they withheld all of this critical information from another “partner” the promoter is doing business with now, which just so happens to be an independent league baseball team.

These are relatively new developments, which have arisen since I first published the introductory piece, which was carried at Yes, it is astonishing, and if, as you read it, you are anxious to see how it will all end, well, so am I.

I sincerely hope that you appreciate what I’ve put together. The introduction to LOWER THAN LOW IN ST. JOE should whet your appetite for more to come. The “long” version – as it is in progress – is being published right here, and I have to admit I like that better, but in the spirit of giving you options, you can cut right to the chase and get the condensed version, entitled LIKE A LAMB TO SLAUGHTER, which was published at Boxing Insider.


Charles Jay